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New VuMark Target Database Not Tracking

April 6, 2020 - 2:22pm #1



I am having issues after developing and importing a new VuMark Target Database.

I had a previous database that I was able to track successfully. I needed to change the color of the background of the VuMark, so I built a new VuMark in Adobe Illustrator of the same dimensions and changed the background color. I then verified and exported it, and created a new Target Database with my new Target uploaded.

I have downloaded the new database and successfully imported it into Unity. I now have two databases I can choose from as my database in the VuMark Behaviour script. When I target my new database and it has registered the material properly, I cannot get any feedback from my camera detecting it. It does all the right things to set up,

1) Initializes Vuforia Engine Successfully

2) Labels my VuMark material as trackable

3) Finds the trackable instance

4) Starts Vuforia Engine

Yet, when running, I can get no feedback of my console of when the VuMark is actively tracked and untracked. It is silently failing to read it.


What confuses me is that I can target my old database in the project instead, and that all still runs correctly, following the same steps as above in the console yet succeeding to track the VuMark when in the camera.

Can I please get some help in solving this issue? I'm interested to learn why targets can be tracked from one database successfully, but when I switch the database to another valid database and target, that target is not found by the camera.



New VuMark Target Database Not Tracking

April 7, 2020 - 10:59am #2

Ha, thanks for the support Vuforia.


I cured the problem by making some changes to the design in Adobe Illustrator. There appeared to be some issue with it that neither Vuforia's Verify script nor Vuforia's Target Manager detected, causing a silent failure.

If anyone runs into a similar problem, I encourage you to revisit the problem at the root of the design.

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