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Object Offset on Place Issue

May 26, 2021 - 2:02am #1

I'm encountering an issue where the objects I place in AR are offset from the location they are meant to be placed. This is true for both image tracking and ground plane tracking. I've tried parenting the objects to another at 0,0,0 and placing the problem object at 0,0,0 on the parent. The problem object still offsets its position.

I've tried bringing the objects in to 3ds max and placing them at 0,0,0 if they aren't already. I've reset their Xforms. Nothing has worked so far. 

Has anyone else faced this problem? Have you figured out how to solve it? Is there a way to remove all position data of an object?

Thank you in advance for any help. It would be greatly appreciated.

*edit - I've realised that the trigger for this offsetting is linked to making the objects static. I thought I'd add it in case it adds new insight to the problem


Object Offset on Place Issue

June 2, 2021 - 9:37am #2


I do not think that this should be a general issue to the 3dmax or FBX format but more then an issue with the specific file (possibly there is shift inside the file e.g. root coordinate system of an assembly have already some shift). You can identify such model specific shift problem when you open the model with different third-aparty 3d viewer and try to zoom all

I tested with some sample objects as FBX and  from model Sofia and house but could not see any general problems with shift so far. OK I see that there is some  small shift value which is possibly some result of the non inaccurate   scan.

Here is an example

in the second image / below we can see that the model is displayed at the same location but when we check the object properties there is a significant shift reported for the x,y,z properties of the parent 3d game object (parent object of the 3d model)


The difference of the x,y,z property is based on the use AR setting for World center mode.

In the first picture I used first target and in the second used a world center mode DEVICE - in this case the sift contains also the distance in space between the camera and the target


What is in your case the reported shift? Where you did measure it? And what is the setting of AR world coord. center?

Some pictures could be helpful to understand better the problem.

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