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PAID JOB Oculus Quest + Vuforia

June 19, 2019 - 5:56am #1



I was wondering if anyone had any success utilizing Vuforia on the Oculus Quest. I was looking to put together a multiplayer AR game for Oculus quest but my knowledge of Unity programming is rather limited. I was also looking to import assets from a couple of other projects, including a movable in app-web browser and some elements from Neurosky's EEG-headband technology unity oculus integration package. The EEG data would be used to modulate or apply post image effects/filters to the AR camera, while the purpose of vuforia would be to recognize "enemy" player Quest headsets (or a decal on the headset) and initiate a battle mode with projectile particle system attacks. I have all the various asset packages for the EEG data, web browser and Vuforia, but making them all play nice is just out of my grasp for now. Would appreciate any help I can get feel free to reach out to spaghettiblacc(at)gmail(dot)com


Thanks and best wishes,


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