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Painful upgrade in Unity 2018.2.0b1

April 24, 2018 - 2:28am #1

So after the horrible camera behaviour overriding fiasco, I am being forced to upgrade to a beta. I immediately find that there have been more issues, this time with iOS apps being rejected do to Vuforia assets. So, I see a link to upgrade Vuforia from the Unity VuroriaConfiguration area.

"A new version of Vuforia is available 7.1.34" of course, I click the link, download the new assets and install.

Annnd.... the exact same message is there when I restart Unity. I click the 'Learn More' button. I don't find any migration Q&A, I get linked to a set of release notes. Needless to say I started looking for re-import and update options etc throughout Unity.

So I need to find a resource that just tells me how to upgrade the package without wasting more of my time, destroying my work or forcing me to update to betas. (Forget the last one, it's inevatable)



Painful upgrade in Unity 2018.2.0b1

May 10, 2018 - 4:34am #3

For me when hitting that install for 7.1.34 and setting the install location to the unity 2018 root (same as editor folder), when i restart unity, Vuforia isnt available!

Painful upgrade in Unity 2018.2.0b1

April 24, 2018 - 8:41am #2

Hello pluginio,

If you are using a Mac, please be aware that Unity applies any updates or packages to the version of Unity installed to the "Unity" directory. If you have multiple versions of Unity installed, make sure Unity 2018 is named just "Unity" when applying this update otherwise it will not get the updated version.

If you are on Windows, you should be able to specify the directory for this.


Vuforia Support

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