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Planning to learn Unity and C# from scratch, and developing my first small game through the period. How should I start?

January 2, 2019 - 1:52am #1

I don't have a proper project fleshed out at the moment as I don't have many ideas, but I am learning unity. I have little experience with programming and what little I do, is in C++, but I plant to turn to C#, for Unity and hope to develop something small.

Where do I start first? Should I learn C# as I program with unity, or should I use a different engine like Unreal if it is easier?

I'm not aiming for a AAA game as I am only one developer, still in learning, but rather something of say Prison Architect or Terraria scope.

Any suggestions on what type of game to make, and where is the bext place to start for learning unity from scratch?

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