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Problem with iOS video methods with DLLImport

April 13, 2021 - 1:19am #1


I am trying to port an old app from vuforia 8.0 to a more recent one (for starting to 8.6.10) on unity 2018.4.33, I have various problem with code that do not work anymore, but the first one is that when I compile on xcode I got the erorrs in the attached errors.txt file (if I include the code in the body, the system show a maintenance page and does not allow me to post anything).

My understanding is that the problem lies in the DLLImport from the file VuforiaPlayerHelper.cs, but I do not know where to find the correct calls to use and adapt the file (you can find it below the errors).

Anyone can help? Also a link to a recent sample file on video playback would be helpful.

Thanks for any help


Plain text icon errors.txt12 KB
Plain text icon VideoPlayerHelper.txt23.15 KB
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