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Real size of object

April 4, 2018 - 6:33am #1

Hi All, 

I am new to using Vuforia in Unity3D. My goal is to import, for example a real car with an image and after turn around it with the phone. I use the "extended tracked" function. I see two problems on my androïd application.

First, I can't import real size model. My scale on Unity is (1,1,1) but when I switch on the phone the model is very little.

Secondly, The model is not fixed, it move when i move with the phone (little rotation). 

Someone can have an idea of how we can solve this two problems.



Real size of object

July 16, 2018 - 2:32am #3

I was making a game on AR, it had Spacecrafts. when I would run the game on any phone, the spacecraft were near to invisible. Then I came across this solution my self.

While in Unity, I started my game and as the spacecrafts spawned, I selected it. There it showed me its scale was 0.02. I checked the prefab model size and it was 1. After some time (a week), I did some maths and find the issue i had. Basically, what Vuforia does is that it divides the Object Scale Size with Image Target Scale size while in play mode. The Image Target size was 50. So, in the prefab folder, I changed the Space craft model to 50 as well, and it helped me in everyway from Movement to Rotation. Now when i played my level, the Space craft scale would be 1. Which was pretty much visible.

Sorry for my bad english.


Cutting Short: Set the Object Scale Size same as the Image ScaleTarget for 1:1 scale. Use big numbers for good quality.

Hope this helps

Real size of object

April 15, 2018 - 12:23am #2



Try this tutorial it may help in what you want to accomplish.





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