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Reference Image from Vuforia Cloud Target?

June 28, 2018 - 10:01am #1



I am working on a Vuforia project for Comic Books using Vuforia Cloud Reco.  My issue is that I have no reference image for Cloud Target Images.


For example:  Comic Book pages have multiple images on one page.  I want to place a video augmentation on each separate image, but how can I accomplish this without having a reference image to scale?


  • I have tried creating an image plane in Blender, scaled it, and imported it to Unity -- but this is not very accurate.
  • When I use a normal Vuforia Database (Device Database), I am able to view the reference image and place augmentations to scale with ease.
  • I have tried replacing the Shader mesh, but that does not give the accurate scale


How can I accurate-to-scale import a reference image for a cloud target image?


Reference Image from Vuforia Cloud Target?

June 28, 2018 - 11:12am #2

My only solution so far is to:

  • create a Device Database with normal Image Targets. 
  • I do all my work and placements with the normal Image Target (from a Predefined Database)
  • then switch the Image Target Behaviour's Database to CloudReco after I finish all my placements.

You can easily switch the Image Target Behaviour Database type back and forth to continue working.


But I was hoping for something less dependant on having to upload Image Targets twice...

(Doing it this way requires you to create a Cloud Database AND a Device Database.)


Is there any other way to accomplish getting a scaled reference image for building on Cloud Targets?

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