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Rendering quality of 3D objects

January 28, 2019 - 11:16am #1



Currently, I am working on an augmented virtuality project where the virtual world is augmented by real life captures coming from the camera.

I am working with Unity version 2018.3 and Vuforia 7.5.26. The project is for Android and the phone I am using is a Google Pixel 2XL. Also, I am using a Google Cardboard. 

Regading Image Targets, I've noticed that depending whether the option "Enable background video" is selected or not in the VuforiaConfoguration, the rendering quality differs. In particular this means that if I have the background video enabled, the rendering of 3D objects becomes worse (kind of slow). This is is especially noticeable when you turn your head. Probably the framerate is lower compared to a "native" VR mode. If I have the tick disabled (so no background video) the rendering quality becomes good and the rendering of 3D objects is fast (like in a typical VR application e.g. made with the Google VR SDK).

I would like to know where this "rendering quality dropdown" happens and furthermore I am wondering if it is somehow possible to increase this mentioned rendering quality of 3D objects when the video background is enabled at the same time?  

Thanks in advance!

Rendering quality of 3D objects

January 28, 2019 - 4:40pm #2


This is a known limitation of running AR+VR apps on mobile devices. Rendering the video background requires real time camera capture, which is much more CPU processing intensive compared to a "typical" VR app (e.g. no camera).

We've done extensive testing of these types of apps and found that due to the high CPU utilization, the device heats up and governors down-clock the CPU. This usually results in a reduced camera capture frame rate. Thus, we recommend the AR experience of an AR+VR app be a transitional one such that video background rendering while in AR mode does not induce thermal issues.


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