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Restrict rotation of tracked object

August 16, 2019 - 3:01am #1

Hi all,


I am using MT360 to track some objects. It works reasonably well, but now I am wondering if there is any way to restrict the rotation of the model.

For example, I have an object that I know is always "straight up", though could be rotated around the world up vector. When it is being tracked, it is sometimes rotated a bit, or even a lot when it seems Vuforia is having difficulty recognizing the object (it is a bit large). I would like to be able to "fix" the model's rotation with the known rotation(s) it should have around certain world axes. Is there any way of achieving this? Maybe this would also make object recognition a bit easier internally?



Restrict rotation of tracked object

August 19, 2019 - 3:54am #3

Thank you for the reply!


Some objects are moving in our application, currently. And it seems this can make it harder for Vuforia to track them after the first recognition. However, we can work with this. I mainly wanted to find out if I was missing any existing functionality to "freeze" an object, just like a rigid body. If that is not there, we might implement something ourselves (retrieve the pose from the tracked object, "fix" its rotation ourselves, and apply it to a separate mesh for rendering).

So, thank you for the clarification :).

In our case, we have a large static object with a fairly regular pattern, which tends to confuse Vuforia (I am sorry, I cannot share these objects). Sometimes it is rotated weirdly to try to fit the model. I would just like to force the rotation. It will still be in the wrong location, but at least it won't look too strangely rotated.


I would like to thank you also for mentioning the moving objects; this is something I would like to fiddle with as well now, since we don't necessarily need continuous tracking (currently).

Restrict rotation of tracked object

August 16, 2019 - 9:31am #2


Vuforia Engine's tracking will always return a 6DoF pose for a target that it is tracking. We have no APIs that allow you to "modify" the poses returned such that it will "freeze" a particular axis.

Are you moving the object while Vuforia Engine is tracking? If so, please be aware that Vuforia Engine's current tracker implementation has been optimized for static objects - only the device that is tracking the object is moved. If you're moving the target itself, it can negatively impact the quality/accuracy of the returned pose.


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