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Setting position of AR object relative to image target

September 28, 2021 - 12:17pm #1

Hi there,

I have searched around and thought I found some answers, but in the end none have these have yielded the desired result.

So, I have a Unity/Vuforia AR project using a standard image target to spawn an animated 3D object. Because the Target may be either flat on a table (horizontal) or hung on a wall (vertical), I needed it to be oriented the upright independently of the target's orientation.

I managed to find help with this and have a working script, however, this has created a new issue. Because I cannot have the object as a child of the target for this script to work, the object now spawns at some distance from the target, sometimes it is out of view and sometimes it spawns on top of the camera.

What I need and have not yet found, is a way to locate the object at the same location as the target, as it would if it was a child of the target.

I have attached an image to try and show the issue.

I am using Unity 2020.3.17 and Vuforia Engine 10.1.4

Thanks in advance for your wisdom and help.


Image icon Screenshot_20210917-111221.png1.65 MB
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