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[Solved] Can't select device target database in Unity 2017.3

December 21, 2017 - 6:10am #1

I'm trying to migrate a 2017.1 project to 2017.3, following the instructions of the upgrade guide. But I'm stuck at step 11 when I try to select my custom device target database. It just doesn't show up in the dropdown field, although it's definitely there.

I even created a new database using the Target Manager, just in case the data format had changed, and imported the Unity package successfully. But this didn't help either. I only see the "VuforiaMars_ModelTarget" database, not my own one.

When I look at the .xml files generated, I can see that the file format of the factory model database differs quite significantly from mine. Mine contains <Tracking>, <ImageTarget>s and <MultiTarget>. The default database contains <Tracking>, <ModelTarget>, <Assembly>, <Part> and <EntryPoint>

UPDATE: Solved it myself. My problem was that I had selected the "Model Target" object instead of the "Multi Image" (which was a bit confusing since the old term was "Multi Target").

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