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[solved]I could not convert a UI Text on Canvas into an interactive Buton

May 25, 2018 - 6:40am #1


I could not understand why simple scenario works fine in one project and doesn't work in another project of the same version.

Unity version:5.4.3f1

expected result:I want to turn a 3D child of ImageTarget to left when a TextField on Canvas was Clicked

Object Orientation:

Canvas-> PanelLeft->moveleftTXT


method followed:

1).added a Button Component on moveleftTXT

2).Added an Empty GameObject into the Application and Named it as "AvatarControl1"

3).Added  a SCript with Same name on the above GameObject

4).Inside the start function of this Script I have initialized wr_asset1 into a variable avatar

5).a public function "MoveLeft" was added with a Debg.Log statement and rotate command

6).clicked the "+"  and opened new function params block

7).Kept Runtime only for First Param

8).Selected AvatarControl1 Gameobject for the Second Param

9).Selected AvatarControl1.MoveLeft  for the third Paarm

Final Result:No DEbug for the attached AvatarControl1.MoveLeft function,but Debug.Log is fine inside the start function of AvatarControl1 Script.

P.S:All this is working fine in an old project. But failing in the current  Project

[solved]I could not convert a UI Text on Canvas into an interactive Buton

May 29, 2018 - 11:54pm #2

I stimply started  a new project and carefully built from the scrach following the same procedure.Viola!It is working as expected!I still don't know why It is not working earlier project!

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