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Struggle with Post Processing (Bloom)

October 6, 2021 - 3:18am #1

Hello there,

I am trying to find a solution for adding bloom post processing to lets say a simple sphere with an emitting material.

Adding post processing to my AR Camera will also add bloom to the camera feed which looks pretty weird. I just want the sphere to glow.

I tried adding another Camera as a child to my AR Camera and set its culling mask to render just the layer which includes my sphere. I activated post processing for that camera. when I now set the priority of this camera higher than the AR Cameras priority, I can see my glowing sphere tracking correctly but on a black background. I can't see the camera feed. As soon as I decrease the priority of my camera below the one of my AR camera, I can see just the camera feed and nothing rendered (because culling mask of AR camera does not include the sphere layer).

What do I have to do to merge these 2 cameras so I can see the raw camera feed without post processing and the rendered sphere correctly tracked with my bloom effect?

Unfortunately I did not find anything useful out there which is not years old.

Looking forward for any help :)

Unity 2020.3.19 with Vuforia 10.2.5

Cheers, Rob

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