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Target Library Unchecks during build............

November 29, 2017 - 2:56pm #1

I have the vuforia samples all running fine, but when I try to use my own target database it isn't working whatsoever and I have verified it's enabled in VuforiaConfiguration.


At times, it seemed like it was during builds, but seems to have stopped, but it was unchecking the "active" and target database checkboxes in vuforia configuration. 


Any ideas for troubleshooting the target database? I made a brand new app license, brand new target database, uploaded some sample targets, selected them all on the web page and downloaded a unitypackage. Then imported the Unity package in Unity, opened Vuforia Configuration and enabled the database and set it to active, then opened the sample scenes and tried to use my database and nothing works whatsoever.


Just using device databases, the vuforia samples all work, can't get any custom targets to work. 


Any ideas how to troubleshoot?

Target Library Unchecks during build............

November 30, 2017 - 3:48pm #2

Hello lmbarns,

I think one of two things might be happening here.

There is a known bug in Unity 2017.2 that creating an Vuforia Target will disable custom databases and enable the default ones, forcing you to open the Vuforia Configuration and re-enable your databases.

Alternatively, if you're running the full sample project, make sure you open the file called "SamplesMainMenu.cs" and modify which databases it is loading. This script will override the Vuforia Configuration and programmatically enable and disable the databases to be used within the app.

Could you check these two things and let me know if either of them is causing your issue?


-Vuforia Support

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