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targetsearchresult matadata error

March 18, 2019 - 2:00am #4

cannot use MetaData in my project.

string URL = targetSearchResult.MetaData;



targetsearchresult matadata error

March 18, 2019 - 6:21am #3


Metadata is only included with Cloud Targets, and then only if it is uploaded to the associated target in the Target Manager or using VWS APIs.




Vuforia Engine Support

targetsearchresult matadata error

March 24, 2019 - 9:12pm #2

thank you It helped.

targetsearchresult matadata error

April 18, 2019 - 6:19am #1

And how does it supposed to help us? If I change 

public void OnNewSearchResult(TargetFinder.TargetSearchResult targetSearchResult) {


public void OnNewSearchResult(TargetFinder.CloudRecoSearchResult targetSearchResult) {

it says that I dont have void OnNewSearchResult(TargetFinder.TargetSearchResult) implemented.


Im trying to migrate SimpleCloudHandler.cs script from this guide https://library.vuforia.com/content/vuforia-library/en/articles/Solution/How-To-Implement-Cloud-Reco.html to 8.0.10 Vuforia version.

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