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Unity - iOS - No extended tracking

January 24, 2019 - 9:01am #1

We have a really serious and weird issue. Our current game is running on android and ios. On iPhone 8 (ios 11.0), the extended tracking simply doesn't work at all. While having the tracking, I slowly move the phone and as soon as the image target is out of the screen, vuforia switch from TRACKING to NO_POSE. I come back to the image target really slowly and as soon as I can see a tiny part of the image target, vuforia returns to TRACKING. I tried with both 7.5.26 and 8.0.10 and I have the exact same behavior.

The active provider is platform_sensor_fusion. I noticed that the camera focus seems disabled or weird as the picture is never auto adjusting to be sharp.

I am asking the question right now with the hope of getting some feedback early. I'll continue my investigation by switching the provider at runtime. Thank you!

Unity - iOS - No extended tracking

January 24, 2019 - 4:04pm #2


That's a pretty old version of iOS. My concern is that ARKit may not have been as stable with Vuforia's integration at the time and thus you may be seeing misbehaviors due to that.

Have you considered upgrading the device to the latest version of iOS?


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