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Unity terrain not placed properly

June 7, 2021 - 4:56am #1


I am facing the following problem: I am using a Vuforia Planefinder and Ground Plane Stage in order to place 3D objects in the scene. There is a terrain and meshes on that terrain all parented under the Ground Plane Stage. It works to place them in AR and when deployed to Android everything seems to work fine so far. But when moving around after a short time it often happens, that the terrain is jumping out of place and is slightly offseted to the other GameObjects (Meshes). On IOS it seems to be even worse. There the terrain is completly out of place directly after setting the target in the environment. I have searched the internet and found people facing similar problems with image targets and unity terrains. But none of the provided solutions helped me. The terrain is a direct child of the Ground Plane Stage like the other game objects too and the "Static" option is disabled on the terrain.

Is this still a known issue when dealing with unity terrains in Vuforia or is there any other possible solution that could help?

Thanks in advance!

Unity terrain not placed properly

June 7, 2021 - 6:32am #2


to be sure that there is no issue in your app , you can use as reference test the Vuforia  Core Example - you test the scene 3-GroundPlane (Assets/SampleResources/3-GroundPlane). There is an sample implementation of the plane finder.

So you can check first if the GroundPlane functionality of the Core Examples are working fine on the used mobile device . When he Vuforia Samples are working there you can check then  the difference to your implementation.

I tested the Vuforia Core Examples on a IOS I-pad and so far it was working fine

- I was able to select  a surface for the positioning of the 3d geometry (here the Astronout)

Later I move around - move to other room and go back and the 3d object was still on the same position:

And later I was able to add another object (the drone) and so far the position was stable.

Here reference links:

1.) Introduction to Ground Plane in Unity

2.) Ground Plane

Image icon IMG_0087.PNG5.32 MB
Image icon IMG_0088.PNG5.27 MB
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