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Update markers used without release app?

September 5, 2018 - 2:37am #1

Hi everyone.

Sorry in advance if my post is too similar to others but I can not find specific information about image target of device database, that is not too old.

Avoiding using Cloud database,

My goal is to have an "empty" app at the beginning; that can download a list of markers from server, instantiate and manage them in runtime.

Example: attach to each markers different custom urls web action or 3d objects, a simple action that can be managed in runtime.

I have found the solution in the forum and if I have understood correctly, I should follow these steps:

-Compile marker database in vuforia portal, (generate an Unity Custom Pack)

-Extract from it a .dat and .xml files.

-Upload theme to the server.

-Create an Unity/Vuforia App (with classic licensekey - or free license for now) that can download the .xml and .dat files, read them, instantiate markers with prefab instances and manage them.

My questions:

-Is this a correct way to create dynamic database of markers whit device-based database?

-If the app does not contain image target textures of the markers, will it work?

-Do these images scaled included in the Unity Custom Pack, have the preview function only in the project? Can I delete them from the Unity project before building the app?

-If it works this way, is it possible to check the new version of .xml /.dat files and download them ONLY if they contain new or differents markers?

Thanks for your reply.

Update markers used without release app?

September 5, 2018 - 9:26am #2

1. Yes, I would say this is correct way of handling this

2+3. Image target textures have no bearing on recognition, only for previewing in the editor.  They can be deleted from your project entirely and it will still function

4. Yes you can do this, but you have to mange entirely yourself.  Keeping track of the internal version number for your markers and then hitting a server when your app starts to see if there's an update might be one way of handling it.  


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