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USB Camera

June 17, 2020 - 4:06am #1

I'm wondering if it is possible to use a UWP Device with a USB Camera? I saw the External Camera section of the docs, but I'm not sure I understand how I can access an attached USB Camera, as the USB Sample is for Android. If it is possible, can you provide a high-level overview of what steps need to be taken?

USB Camera

June 17, 2020 - 5:03am #2


It is possible also for UWP, please go over: https://library.vuforia.com/content/vuforia-library/en/articles/Solution/creating-custom-driver.html  #Using a Driver in Vuforia Engine


https://library.vuforia.com/content/vuforia-library/en/articles/Solution/file-driver.html   #UWP

Yes, unfortunately we only provide the sample project for Android on How-to-create a custom driver. My understanding is that the second mentioned article/ link should provide an overview on how to use the FileDriver for UWP.

Thank you.

Vuforia Engine Support

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