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User Defined Targets?

May 6, 2021 - 2:48pm #1


I am trying to learn Vuforia by following a book. The book mentions a UserDefinedTargetBuilder.prefab which I guess is discontinued because it's nowhere to be found. I went ahead and tried to implement it's behaviour. So far I've managed to get a screenshot and create a new imagetarget. However, this means that a new imagetarget is created everytime the user clicks a capture. I can't seem to be able to change the image source of an existing imagetarget. How can I accomplish the same behaviour as the old UserDefinedTarget.prefab?

User Defined Targets?

May 7, 2021 - 2:26am #2


Yes, you are correct, we deprecated the User Defined Targets with 9.4. Below is from the vuforia engine release notes:

The User Defined Targets feature and the corresponding ImageTargetBuilder API have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Vuforia Engine provides the Ground Plane feature which we recommend for placing virtual content on real-world surfaces at known scale. Alternatively, the RuntimeImageSource.SetImage() methods can be used to create an Image Target at runtime from any source, including a camera snapshot.

I don't think that its possible have exactly the same behaviour but a similar one, in which based on a camera frame, an Image Target is created, is achievable.

Changing the underlying image used for an image target is not possible and as you discovered a new Image Target needs to be created each time.

Thank you.

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