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video image target?

July 20, 2019 - 3:14pm #1

Have an idea for a current project but before i start would like to get feedback. 2D image tracking allows you to track an image in your scene that is either stationary or moving.

Instead of an image I need to track a stationary video screen, replacing the content that appears on the video screen with augmented content and videos.


Think digital billboard IRL.

Similar to this project but the size or format of the video screen is always a 16:9 ratio (ie 1920x1080)


Can anyone suggest how this might be accomplished using Vuforia?


video image target?

July 22, 2019 - 7:50am #2

Unfortunately Vuforia won't be much use for this.  I've done a project like this and used audio fingerprinting (think shazam) and largest 16x9 aspect ratio rectangle to accomplish it.  You could also use video fingerprinting (think youtube auto piracy flagging algorithm).  If you don't need to know where in the video or what video is playing then you can just use the rectangle finder (iOS's built in one is great for example).   After getting the rect coordinates you'd do the camera pose estimation with something like solvePnp from opencv.

This is all assuming you're not able to put a static watermark on the video somewhere which you could use Vuforia then.

Also check out this: https://augmen.tv  Last I looked it requires a white border on the video, might not work for you.



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