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Video playback limitations, best settings?

August 31, 2018 - 3:48am #1

Hey guys,


I am planning to develop an AR application on Unity with Vuforia where the user aims their phone camera at a box with a texture which opens up and plays a video 


I am planning to have 10 boxes so 10 videos all in one application / scene


Are there any limitations with Vuforia? What format and settings should the videos be including optimal bitrate/kbps for best performance on mobile?


The user may run this AR application using Vuforia View on their phone, does Vuforia have any problems running videos? 


Also just a random question, if I developed an AR application using Vuforia on Unity, once I publish it on the playstore, does every person need Vuforia view to view the AR app? What would and can they use to run the application? 



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