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Vuforia Interaction with Quiz

March 13, 2020 - 6:23am #1

Hello people! I'm doing an AR project using vuforia with unity. I would like my player to point the camera at the target and press a button, a quiz about that target would appear.

Vuforia Interaction with Quiz

March 17, 2020 - 3:27am #2


Yes, this is achievable through Unity scripting.

There are several ways how to achieve this, on a high level when a touch event is detected,  a Ray Cast is send out. If the Ray Cast has hit the Augmentation, display quiz.

Info here: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Physics.Raycast.html


Or on google I found this, which is mainly what you want to achieve but instead of the color change, display another GameObject:  https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/tutorials/introduction-to-vuforia-on-unity-for-creating-augmented-reality-applications--cms-27693

Please give it a try and let me know if you get stuck.

Thank you.

Vuforia Engine Support


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