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Vuforia network

March 11, 2019 - 7:26am #1

Hello. I work with Augmented Reality using the Vuforia plugin. Everything was working smoothly before I added multiplayer. I work through Unet + UnityEngine.Networking (I know this technology is obsolete, but I didn't find good tutorials of new multiplayer (probably my skills are bad)).">






So, my problem is:

I start the game, press the LAN Host button - and watch:

All BoxCollider and MeshRenderer are disabled - only their outlines are left (if you turn them on alternately, everything appears normal). At what I loaded the Environment object in the NetworkManager component of the Network Manager object into the Registered Spawnable Prefabs, and the mesh and colliders turned off for all objects that are somehow related to it:



But if I create a player prefab separately from everyone and specify it in the same Network Manager in the component in Player Prefab, it is displayed normally, in addition to its clone being created after launch



And one more nuance, when I did turn on all the meshes and colliders manually, for some reason, the game MEGA strongly slowed down, although the Network Send Rate was set to maximum

Really looking forward to your help. If someone has practical lessons on a new multiplayer, I will be grateful to feedback: D

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