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Vuforia + UWP+ devices with Win10

June 26, 2017 - 6:47am #1

Hello all,


Last days I spent trying to run a ready-made application on a tablet with windows 10. I looked at hundreds of forums, tips, tutorials. And i cant make it :(

1. I created a simple application with Unity and Vuforia.

2. Then builded project for UWP.

3. I opened the project by Visual Studio 2017, then chose Master  x86, and launched on local machine (windows 10) to try how it works. The app starts up, I see an image from the camera but unfortunately there are no AR items that are visible in Unity Play Mode. After reading so many forums I ve got my first question: is it true that I can not run vuforia on a PC with windows 10 as a standalone application ?

If not, how can I do it on the tablet? This is the same windows 10, so why so many problems with that?

How to generate files to open them on the tablet (like here https://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2016/10/12/how-to-develop-augmented-reality-apps-with-vuforia-for-windows-10/ ) ? In the end I've got some folders and Visual Studio .cs files, should I create some installation package, or just copy and paste them? How to run it on this device? Oh my gosh.. :)


Visual Studio is a black magic for me, for sure my questions are silly but thats a huge problem for me.


Please help me.







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