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VuforiaRenderer giving wrong image and texture sizes

February 4, 2021 - 8:48pm #1

I have recently upgraded Vuforia versions and now the VuforiaRenderer does not give correct values when I query the image and texture size via GetVideoTextureInfo. Both imageSize and textureSize return 0x0:

VuforiaRenderer.Vec2I imageSize = VuforiaRenderer.Instance.GetVideoTextureInfo().imageSize;

VuforiaRenderer.Vec2I textureSize = VuforiaRenderer.Instance.GetVideoTextureInfo().textureSize;

It seems I can get the texture size easily enough (it's just the dimensions of the texture in the video background material), but where can I get the image size from (i.e. the size of the video frame within the texture)?.

Or is it safe to assume that these values are always the same? In the past the texture would typically be a power of two size, with a region used for the video data.



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