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Creating device targets from code

Unity Editor
April 11, 2022 - 12:36am #1

Hi guys a little story to know how I feel:

We inherited app from company which bankrupted and we have some source data, some logins that’s all. There is no way how to maintain existing app so we decided to reverse engineer existing one and rewrite it. The people from previous company are not available for contact.

The thing is app consists of  web (php) and unity (which has bought vuforia license).

The web app functionality:

1. User creates magazine

2. User loads images

3. Web app somehow  uploads images on vuforia DEVICE database – yes DEVICE not CLOUD

4. Database somehow gets refreshed and its downloaded to Unity app which uses it.

The somehow word is question I want to ask. There is no sign of code I have about pushing something to vuforia, no vuforia authorization, I have no idea how guys made it, but this functionality stopped working – its really possible they did it by their own hand, uploading images real user uploaded (but customer says it was automatized, don’t know where truth is, as said in code is no mention about it - or maybe, there is other web page called offcloud. but I have no idea what is it).

I also checked vuforia api there is vws for uploading  CLOUD database but not DEVICE database, is there any way how to achieve this?

Basically I need to send request for creating DEVICE database (from python), add targets, list targets, and download  .xml and .dat file via python.


Creating device targets from code

April 15, 2022 - 9:35am #2


Vuforia Engine does not support APIs for creating device databases, unlike Cloud databases. There is currently no roadmap for commercializing these APIs.

I won't speculate on how they were doing this (although I do have some ideas), but perhaps it is missing because is violated our developer agreement.

Kind regards,

Dave Downing

Technical Support

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