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Should we move from ARKit to Vuforia? Multiple Moving Objects Case.

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March 31, 2022 - 3:33am #1

Dear Community,

I have an urgent request regarding an ongoing AR project. I would like to know if and how we can solve our tracking issue with Vuforia.

It is about tracking a machine with two relatively small (<= 10x10 cm) moving elements.

We need to augment the machine itself, which is static.

And we need to track the independent and simultaneous movements of two moving elements of the machine with as high framerate as possible.

In the app, the physically existing machine should be presented. Workpieces or tools are to be virtually mounted on the moving parts using AR.

Currently we use Unity and ARFoundation/ARKit with image markers on all moving parts and on the machine itself. However, the problem is that the markers are only recognized when you are very close to the object. But in the planned scenario, we need simultaneous tracking of all markers, and this requires a greater distance from the machine. In addition, the tracking is not very stable, again and again there are aborts.

The application will run exclusively on an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, so we have a powerful device at hand.

The CAD data of all machines and parts are available, so we could generate model targets.

My questions about this are:

1. is it likely that we will see an improvement in image tracking by moving from ARKit / ARFoundation to Vuforia?

2. for the best / most stable image tracking, does it make more sense to use Image Marker or VuMarks?

1. is there a chance that we can track multiple machine parts each with Model Targets at the same time?

2. would it be possible to combine one image target and two model targets?

Thanks in advance for your support, I am very curious if we can find a solution here :)



Should we move from ARKit to Vuforia? Multiple Moving Objects Case.

April 1, 2022 - 6:47am #2

Hey there,

Here are some thoughts that might be of help: 

Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Technical Community Manager

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