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Unity Photon with Vuforia Image Tracking

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August 30, 2022 - 10:00am #1

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on a multiplayer game for Hololens2 using Photon.

I would like to use Vuforia Image tracking to anchor the object in place.

Using the webcam, the object is spawned the way I need it to be with the image marker.

But for some reason, when I build on Hololens, it doesnt recognize the image marker at all.

At first I thought my hololens was not able to detect anything but I tried the image marker sample scene and that works perfectly. I have a feeling that Photon is causing the issue. :(

Are there any cases using photon with vuforia for hololens?

It would be really helpful to understand why it works on the laptop but not on the hololens.

I am using Unity 2020.3.37f1, MRTK 2.8.2, Vuforia 10.8.4, and PUN 2.39


Thank you!

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