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Vuforia support for Wireless IP cameras

December 27, 2021 - 3:25pm #1
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Hello all

As far as i know all the applications developed with Vuforia are using the feed from Web camera (if you are on laptop) or phone/tablet camera. So i am asking if there is a way to get the feed from a wireless IP camera ? ... This will be very helpful for developing embedded system application (like robots) that uses its own wireless camera and send the feed  to a phone app to process it (for example)..... And if it is not supported by vuforia is there any workaround ?


Vuforia support for Wireless IP cameras

January 5, 2022 - 8:48am #2

Hey there,


Short answer is yes, this is possible with Vuforia Engine.

Long answer is yes, this is possible with Vuforia Engine but this functionality would need to be created custom for your use-case through the Vuforia Driver Framework. The framework allows developers like yourself to provide and consume data from external systems, in this case a wireless IP camera, through Vuforia Engine. It's a long answer because you'd need to define your own driver to provide the external data. There are a few samples documented how to get started in the library.

I hope that helps a little.


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Technical Community Manager

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