'Classic Plan' Introduced - Unlimited offline recos - $499/app

February 27, 2015 - 12:19pm #1

Speaking for myself only, I have to say I'm much relieved by the email I just received from "Jay Wright VP, Qualcomm Vuforia" opening up a new pricing plan.

This one is right on the mark for my needs:

  • Unlimited device-based recos
    • For multiple target types including images, multi-targets, cylinders, user-defined targets, frame markers, and text.
  • Cost of $499 per app

This prices it more competitively against Metaio's $5k price tag if you plan to build less than 10 Vuforia applications. (Metaio is unlimited apps)  But more importantly, it enables applications to have rich experiences that require more than one or two time target tracking.  As AR evolves, so does the complexity of the development community's applications.  This plan allows for experimentation, growth, and fresh, complex AR experiences that excite us all.

Just wanted to say thanks for listening to our concerns.  This is much more realistic.

(So, maybe next time the team launches something as important as a price point introduction, have someone ready to man the forums?)

'Classic Plan' Introduced - Unlimited offline recos - $499/app

March 1, 2015 - 3:18pm #7
The new Classic plan looks a bit more reasonable financially, however the online authentication requirement for these apps still makes Vuforia an absolute no-go for our clients. 
Our concern is not really about money, it is the danger of absolutely breaking the end-user experience. NO professional client of ours will tolerate their app failing to initialise (and black screening).
I do not understand why Qualcomm has decided to go the path of prioritising software validation at the obvious detriment to the legitimate users.
If it is a function of Qualcomm / Vuforia worried about licensing theft/lost revenue, then I would suggest thinking about doing the user validation in the opposite manner. Make the invalid license holder suffer, not everyone.
My suggestion would be:
- Allow the SDK to launch (regardless of whether an internet connection is present)
- If an internet connection is available and contact can be successfully made with the license server, then test to validate the license. 
- If valid, record it.
- If invalid, record it and next time the SDK initialises / tracks, prompt the user that the app does not have a valid license. 

'Classic Plan' Introduced - Unlimited offline recos - $499/app

February 28, 2015 - 5:27am #6

juang3d wrote:

$499 per app, it's a bit high, but I think we can live with that, agree on the authentication stuff.

After those back and forward announcements, I am not confident that this is the last word from the Vuforia Team.

Companies with stable business models are more reliable then other who change their pricing over night without any pre-announcements.

'Classic Plan' Introduced - Unlimited offline recos - $499/app

February 27, 2015 - 3:33pm #5

IMHO change the watermark in the free plan for a mandatory splash screen and we have a deal.


The watermark is a problematic limitation because we can't show up demos to clients or prototypes with a watermark, but we can afford to have a mandatory splash screen, no matter if the client sees that we are actually using Vuforia when we start the demo in a meeting, but if the watermark is there, then it's a problem.


$499 per app, it's a bit high, but I think we can live with that, agree on the authentication stuff.



'Classic Plan' Introduced - Unlimited offline recos - $499/app

February 27, 2015 - 2:39pm #4

I think the new classic pricing is fair.  I know there are a lot still griping about it, but I thank you for listening and creating a new plan so quickly.  But to be honest requiring an internet connection to get authenticated is a deal breaker for me.  My product is a book for kids, and there is no way I can guarantee they will have an internet connection even once.  Even asking them to do that will be confusing and frustrating for many of their parents, and may prevent many from buying the book.

I'm easily willing to spend $499/app, but only if no authentication is required.

'Classic Plan' Introduced - Unlimited offline recos - $499/app

February 27, 2015 - 1:59pm #3

dronpes wrote:

It's still too expensive, however, for indie developers making free or $0.99 apps, etc.  I'm afraid you'll still be losing that demographic entirely, which is a shame.  Perhaps further research on your part can re-capture that part of the dev community with a different model?  (ie, free for free apps with no in-app purchases, etc).  Or even a $99 cost/app for non-revenue earning apps.  This is not my demographic, so I'm not the one to speak to it.  But it seems clear they'll all be unwilling to pay $500 for an app that won't earn it back.  There are very few professional AR developers.  Most are just getting into it, and the cost of experimentation on Vuforia may drive them away from publishing their first apps on this platform.  Even an apple developer license is only $99/yr and comes with great software and a built in channel.  Others might have more to say on this topic than I.

Follow-up question:

Does the SDK work offline under this plan, or does it require an internet connection?  I assume it can run offline it isn't required to track recos anymore?

You make some good points. I tend to straddle the divide, a couple of projects have had reasonable enough budgets to go with the new Classic plan, though nothing that could justify any of the other plans. My other projects have all be low budget ( Classic plan is 10-40% of budget) which i've made to try and grow AR as a business, much like I expect indie game developers.  I agree with your statement that Qualcomm have effectively lost that market completely.

Hopefully with some time Qualcomm can come up with an improved pricing plan to appeal to the low or minimal budget projects that Vuforia used to enabled.

'Classic Plan' Introduced - Unlimited offline recos - $499/app

February 27, 2015 - 1:49pm #2

To answer your question - The app needs to connect once to the internet to get authenticated. 

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