Object "fading" after time

April 5, 2015 - 3:55pm #1


I have a weird problem, when i try to test my stuff with objects fading into distance and uncontrollably spinning.

So, to clarify what i'm doing:

I'm trying to make two objects be controlled by separate markers, but the objects themselves are connected by a hinge or something similar (sort of like a closet and door deal or rather a body and an arm). The first problem i encountered was that both markers have to be visible at the same time or the object will go directly into spinning/fading mode. If i do show both markers at the same time, the object displays properly and the hinge thing is working, however after a few seconds the objects become unstable and start slowly gliding across the markers, then spinning and fading into distance until i can no longer see them on the screen.

So, any possible solutions for this? And if this can not be fixed, are there any good solutions for multiple markers with connected objects thing (basically i'm trying to do an arm with 3 joints, which are connected but can move -->it's for a school project)? I've heard of one solution, which didn't work for me, and involved the main object having a 0,0,0 global coordinates with the second one stemming from the same coordinates.

Object "fading" after time

April 8, 2015 - 3:26pm #2

Found the problem, it happens only if object has rigid body component, once removed the object is stable and stops "fading".

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