Watermark in ANdroid

May 10, 2015 - 7:00am #1

I upgraded to vuforia 4.0.103

I tested with free plan and i do not see any watermark

Is it normal ? 

we have already purchased the licensekey but i want to be sure if watermark was expected to come or i am missing something

Watermark in ANdroid

May 11, 2015 - 10:47pm #3

Yes i had buttons at the bottom. 

Hiding that i could see the watermark


Thank you

Watermark in ANdroid

May 11, 2015 - 4:44pm #2

  • What Android device and OS version are you running on?
  • Does the watermark show up when running our sample apps?
  • Are you seeing this with native Android or with Unity project?
  • What version of Vuforia did you upgrade from?
  • Do you have any UI elements in the bottom-left corner of screen?


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