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3D object is not sticking to the image target

December 18, 2017 - 11:16pm #1

My project rotates around a single object - a Truck!We will place the 2D image of the model as marker and the model will appear over the Marker.AS it is a AR world The object can take its real world size.As it is larger than the user He simply move around the truck to check the parts.I have used Ray Cast Hit type of interactivity to show the details of the parts.

Everything is working fine except one basic thing!

The Object which has to show up as landing on the image target is floating in the air above 2 or 3 feet and swinging randomly!What might be the cause for that strange appearance - of course size might be the cause,but the behaviour is unexpected and I am unable to find a solution myself.Currently what I am doing is closing the pp and opening again - but It will create some nasty negative feedback when the app goes into market as  a commercial product!Nt only such strange behaviour, but general loading time also is another drawback.


And We developers are following a screen loader logic,But can we follow the same asynchronous preloader to individual objects within the scene?

3D object is not sticking to the image target

December 27, 2017 - 9:35pm #5

Hello Vuforia Support,

Thanks for the informative reply!I have solved it in my own way after your reply.As you are mentioning that  I have concluded version compatibility is the real problem.So, I checked out and cleared deprecated coding for the current versions and it works fine!Object Level preloader problem also solved by keepinga default message of ""Loading.... and hiding that through OnTrackableStateChanged>OnTrackingFound of ITrackableEventHandler Interface.

Thanks for the Response



3D object is not sticking to the image target

December 27, 2017 - 3:45pm #4

Hello again,

The only version of Vuforia compatible with Unity 2017.2 is the integrated version of 6.5 which can be activated in Player Settings -> XR Settings. Can you please confirm you are using this version and if you are still seeing the issue, please share a screenshot of it as well as a screenshot of how your scene is setup.


Vuforia Support

3D object is not sticking to the image target

December 27, 2017 - 4:03am #3

1.vuforia version : vuforia-unity-6-1-17

2.I am using Unity not native,


3.Followed the online tutorials of Unity/Vuforia experts

a.rigistered and got API KEY,

b.pasted in the ARCamera option TextField,

c.Built the Imagetarget and Its Trakability is high means 5/5 stars

d.All the required Items were made childs to Imagetarget


One more Question:One Screen level preloader is there.That too I followed the guidance from experts.But It is working at Screen Level.Can we show a custom preloader while that 3D Truck loading?

3D object is not sticking to the image target

December 19, 2017 - 4:43pm #2

Hello hariSbabu,

What version of Vuforia are you using? Are you using Unity or native? How have you set up your image target and augmentation?


Vuforia Support

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