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[anser required]how many markers we can accomodate in single AR window?

June 7, 2018 - 6:23am #1

Unity version:Unity-5.4.3f1

Vuforia version:vuforia--6-1-17

I am not using Vuforia prefab "MultiTarget", just Duplicating "ImageTarget1" into "ImageTarget2", "ImageTarget3" etc. and changing the source images for each.

Can I assign same "MarkerHandler1.cs" into all these duplicated markers or I need to Duplicate, Rename as "MarkerHandler2.cs" and attach the new script to "ImageTarget2" and so on with each of the markers?The functionality is just tracking found and lost through ITrackableEventHandler interface.I am using other classes for the interactive functionality like "Marker1Controller.cs","Marker1Controller.cs" like that.

I am currently integrating markers for a catalog/gallery project which had 4 markers in single scene.Last item is taking time to load - it may be heavy, but I am suspecting this as rangexceededthelimit effect.Is there any limit for the number of markers for a scene? 

If Vuforia suggests that a limit is there, can I shift to next scene with another set of markers safely?Then I want to know about application level limit.

Thanks and Regards


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