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[AnswerFinished!]Cloud Recognition literature is incomplete,why?

June 18, 2018 - 12:24am #1

There are only three links were provude on the introduction page.all those links are trying to explain only general things,but practical application guidelines are missing!

My observations:

1).At first I think It is a nice idea to connect CMS functionality,but I found nowhre the part which is getting 3D childs from metadata.Both the tutorials are stressing about i


P.S:Sorry,I have missed enabling AR in Player Settings!magetargets only as Recos,but what is the use of it when we could not load  neccessory objects without a full flow of the objects via VWS?

2).The tutorial stops with getting metadata,bt what it would be?How to process it?For my knowledge a string doe not act like a JSON object itself.We need some third partty JSON processing class if Unity or Vuforia lack of it.But I am not seeing any refrences of it.

3).AS the Tutorial suggested  I need Unity 2017.2 I have updated the unity version by uninstalling old version and installing neww vrsion.But The properties panel of ARCamera is not showing the standard column to enter User Key from my Developer account of Vuforia Developer dashboard.what shall I do now?How to continue this Cloud Recognition project?


Why you are killing us with half-baked software/tutorials?


P.S:Sorry!I have missed enabling Vuforia augmented reality checkbix in Player Settings!

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