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Creating a Teamviewer pilot a-like application

September 2, 2021 - 7:02am #1

Hello everyone,

as part of a project at my university i am trying to create an application where phone 1 captures the environment and stream it via UDP to phone 2. The second device should be able to create objects like free hand drawings (circles, arrows, .aso) which get anchored into the ar environment on phone 1.

I am absolute beginner in ar development especially in Unity and Vuforia and wanted to ask if my intention is even possible to realise. If you have any guidances, tutorials or recommandations don't hesitate to let me know. I am reading a lot of related work to this topic but i can't find anything useful for the implementation.

Have nice day,


Creating a Teamviewer pilot a-like application

September 3, 2021 - 9:07am #2

Hey there,


That is a large use-case, haha... I will write down some of my random thoughts down below:

  • You first have to stream the video feed between devices
  • You probably will need to contexualize every frame that you sent
  • With the contextualized frame you could do a hit test, and with the hit test, create an AR anchor
  • You could send back the hit + anchor, but you then need to know which frame that was in, since the second phone might be a few frames ahead because of latency...

There are probably other people much more experienced than I am, so take everything with a little salt. I hope that might be of any help though! 

Btw, creating anchors is possible with Vuforia, similarly to ARCore / ARKit. You can find it in the API:

Good luck and have fun! 


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Technical Community Manager

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