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Custom android vuforia drivers

June 6, 2021 - 9:47am #1

Hello Vuforia Team,


I have a java android application in which I get YUV frames from another device and I want to parse those frames into Vuforia and use Unity.


I have gone through the following pages but I am not sure if the proper solution is by using this : vuforia-driver-sample-drivertemplate-x-x-x

or vuforia-driver-sample-uvcdriver-android-x-x-x


Could you confirm if that is doable and if the drivertemplate would work as long as the criteria are fulfilled: 

1)Frames from an image camera in one of the Vuforia supported formats (YUYV, NV12, NV21).

2)For each frame the 6DOF position of the camera when the frame was captured.


Also is there a Vuforia version which support both Stereorendering for Cardboard + Custom drivers?


Thanks in advance

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