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Develop on UWP

October 11, 2017 - 8:41am #1

Good afternoon

I'm trying to start developing with Vuforia SDK on UWP application in C++.

I've downloaded SDK for UWP and samples and make them run without problems.

Now I want to create my own C++ uwp and use the SDK but I have a problem: I'm not able to reference Vuforia.dll library; I've added it to the project and marked as content.

The problem is that not referencing the library i'm not able to use "#include <Vuforia\Vuforia.h> or other include statements needed to access Vuforia classes.

Anyone else has faced this problem or can explain how can I use classes from SDK?

If anyone knows where I could find API/SDK documentation  this will also be very usefull.


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