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marker child is floating in the air even after extended tracking enabled

March 10, 2018 - 8:38pm #1

I have a large 3D object as main interactive child of the marker image.I have followed the scene preloader object as prescribed by unity help.And I have enabled OnTrackableStateChanged(TrackableBehaviour.Status previousStatus, TrackableBehaviour.Status newStatus) feature also.


After loaded into scene,the 3D object is behaving strangely - inconsistent in appearence,suddebly shaking vigourously, floating in the air,tilting at random angular orientation,too much misplacement etc.,why?

for the marker:extended tracking enabled,preserve child size enabled,Default trackable behaviour scipt disabled,Image1Slider Script is handling tracker events.


for consistency purpose I have written a InitChildPositions() and updateChildPositions() functions.In the Init function which executes in start event of the app,loading all the default positions and rotations including that 3D object into corresponding variables.And second function is loading in update event of the app and applies the default transforms to the childs including  the 3D object.


I took all the care to make it consistent,but failing - how a fully loaded object will become uncontrollable after some time?

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