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May 28, 2019 - 7:48am #1


A problem I have not been able to solve for a week now:

How do I go from an AR ExtendedTracking scene to a VR scene? Does anyone have an example for me?

Unity 2019.1.4f1 | Vuforia 8.1.11


More precisely, as I understand it:

  • In AR, I can use PositionalDeviceTracker (for extended tracking or Groundplane) OR no DeviceTracker at all.
  • In VR I need to use a RotationalDeviceTracker.
  • Both DeviceTrackers types can't be initialized at the same time.

So, the MixedRealityControler is supposed to switch the DeviceTrackers at some point !

When switching from AR to VR, the MixedRealityControler Start/Stop the DeviceTracker mode setup in the Vuforia configurations (or if "Track Device Pose" is unchecked, the last Tracking Mode setup in the configurations... ^^). I can't find a way to switch the Traking Mode at runtime. Setting VuforiaConfiguration.Instance.DeviceTracker.TrackingMode has absolutly no effect.

Please help! I need to make this work. Or should I rewrite my own MixedRealityController ?!


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