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Need help on Database summary fields definitions

January 21, 2018 - 11:25pm #1

I've quoted the results from my test db below.

Can someone please help explain what fields that are highlighted mean, and how it affects the account's limitations?

The docs only explain half of it.

More questions

Does target_quota and request_quota reset every month?

Is reco_threshold the limit of the number of recognised images?



+"name": "**"

  +"result_code": "Success"

  +"transaction_id": "**"

  +"active_images": 14

  +"inactive_images": 0

  +"failed_images": 0

  +"processing_images": 0

  // Please help explain the fields below //

  +"target_quota": 1000

  +"request_quota": 100000

  +"reco_threshold": 1000

  +"request_usage": 3

  +"total_recos": 2228

  +"current_month_recos": 0

  +"previous_month_recos": 1

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