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ObjectRecoBehaviour obsolete in 10.0.12

August 5, 2021 - 12:45am #1


I've just upgraded Vuforia in Unity 2020.3 to version 10.0.12 following the guide, but I find that the class ObjectRecoBehaviour is marked as "obsolete" so it still raises warnings.

This is the class explicitly stated in the guide to use, so it's weird to me.

Is there any other class to use? Is it really obsolete?

Thank you!

ObjectRecoBehaviour obsolete in 10.0.12

August 5, 2021 - 4:29am #2

Hey there,

You're completely right, the ObjectRecoBehaviour class is obsolete. I can understand this causes confusion. 

Unfortunately currently, it is correct that the different parameters (InitError, QueryError, etc.) are inside of ObjectRecoBehaviour. (This is probably change in the future and moved to the CloudRecoBehaviour.)

Nonetheless you can continue using the class. In the meantime I've raised the issue to our R&D team and also will make sure the migration guide gets updated accordingly.

Let me know if you do find any other issues regarding the ObjectReco class, I'll be able to support you.

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