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Vuforia marker found/lost functionality giving goosebumps.

January 18, 2018 - 10:54pm #1

I am loading  a large sized 3D object from blender as a child object to the VA_MARKER_OB after loading It is shaking vigouraously even though the device/camera is steady.no doubt the 3D object is too heavy as its Low poly/high poly thing memory is so high


.I had two problems here.All the preloader logic I followed the tutorials is showing scene level preloaders,Is there a possibility to show an object level preloader for this my_Model_ blender file?It is taking so much delay even there it is inside the assets folder to show>


I am already depending on "OnTrackableStateChanged " functionality foor this purpose, and i am unable to understand how this is working.Even though these functions were there to notify the status, It is not controlling the actual loading the object into the scene.I need to wave/flip/shake the  device to show the 3D model - how it impress the client?An object level preloader will solve that,But can we had it in the Unity/Vuforia tools?


How to rectify shaking error?Some Times the 3D object is slowly tilting/floating in air/dissapperaing even for a small hand twist even after loading fully at first!Can I cancel the "OnTrackableStateChanged" once It was first loaded, as I am suspecting that this "OnTrackingLost/OnTrackingFound" duo are ausing the shaking/tilting/flaoting behaviour?

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