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Augmented Reality (Vuforia Platform) and Unity Programmer/Engineer and UI Required

October 22, 2013 - 9:36am #1
Sub-Zero Design 3D Studio (Vietnam) is looking for additional help with our Augmented Reality projects. 
We've got some exciting projects and we're looking for programmers/engineers and UI artists (for AR apps) to help us convert existing animations into Augmented Reality experiences from Unity3D using Vuforia. Candidates must be familiar with creating AR experiences on both Android and iOS platforms. If you are only familiar with one, we'd still like you to contact us.
We'd like to recreate some of the scenes in this Nat Geo video, particularly the water scene with the dolphin jumping out of the water.
If you meet some of our requirements but not all, do not worry, just ask friends who have those other skills, and we can hire all of you as a little team. 
- Excellent knowledge of Vuforia and Unity
- Excellent knowledge of creating AR experiences in iOS and/or Android platforms
- Must have a portfolio/show reel with previous projects for us to view
- Must have good understanding of English
- Must be organized and have good communication skills
- Candidates to work remotely
Interested candidates please send your resume/portfolio/show reel to
We look forward to hearing from you.
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