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Development Partner Unity Screen/Sound Recorder — including movie texture

November 26, 2013 - 2:52am #1

We are pleased to announce a plugin for Unity to record, to mov format video, both the Unity screen and sound. It also has the capability to record the sound  (and video of course) from movie textures played with our movie texture plugin.

Direct Access to Video

Movies can be uploaded to your site, third party sites, or saved to device, no restrictions. 


See an example video at http://youtu.be/e_XCTu_EBUs, this is an iPad 3rd Gen, showing 3D(teapot), a steaming video, and a target with two in app videos (one alpha rendered). 

For more details and a demo project see http://www.predictions-software.com/Unity_iOS_Screen_Record.html


No MSAA or stencil support. External sounds (non unity eg. movies) recorded only with appropriate plugin. Only iOS supported (no android, or editor plugin). Requires iOS6 or iOS7 and Unity 4.3

Gerard Allan

Predictions Software

PS. For working in Unity 4.3 see https://developer.vuforia.com/forum/unity-3-extension-technical-discussion/unity-43-ios-compatibility-and-workaround

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