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Help finalize Unity based app [ASAP]

November 4, 2014 - 1:31am #1


I'm Chris Butler with Eight Co., Ltd. in Osaka, Japan.

We are developing an Android and iOS augmented reality app for local businesses to use to promote their goods and services.

We have the main functions of the app almost finished using Unity, but it is in need of polish. Particularly, to get into the Apple App Store. 

Requirements for this job:

  • Someone familiar with Vuforia's Image Targets, Cloud Recognition, and Video Playback.

  • Someone familiar with Unity's Asset Bundles. So it will be necessary for you to have Unity Pro, Unity iOS Pro, and Unity Android Pro licenses. Though I don't believe it is necessary, having your own Apple Developer Account would be best.

  • Examples of your previous work. Links to apps currently in Apple App Store would be extra bonus points!

  • If you do not fit all of this, but think you might still be able to help, please feel free to contact me anyway.

Not requirements.. but it would be nice!:

  • An Elance account would be useful. It is a good platform for us to organize and (maybe more importantly) make payments to you. Also, should something go catastrophically wrong, there will be a third party to help smooth that out.

  • If you're in a timezone near Japan (GMT+9), or don't mind working at odd hours of the day/night it will be easier to match up with our operating hours.

  • Art skills and tools might also be helpful.

If you're interested, please contact me by email at:


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