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How to be a Vuforia Preferred Developer

January 30, 2016 - 6:08am #1

Hello, Vuforia and evereone!

We asked several times about how to become a Preferred Developer. 

We want to be Preffered Developer in Russia and Europe. We asked 3 times, vuforia promise to respond within a week, but did not respond even after 2 weeks.

We know about developer searching section on website: https://developer.vuforia.com/support/developer

We have been developing applications with Vuforia library for a long time and we know that more worthy than our competitors on this list in Russia. 


Let us show you some of our projects:

  1. Application to the Government of Moscow «Explore Moscow»

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/uznaj-moskvu-foto/id1029004345?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.mos.UMphoto                                                    

App lets you take a photo with a famous person, and put it into social network. 3D models are very realistic, you can see it.

Markers: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/3Ydb2h7eBX7x/%D0%BC%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%BA%D0%B5%D1%80%D1%8B%20%D0%A3%D0%B7%D0%BD%D0%B0%D0%B9%20%D0%9C%D0%BE%D1%81%D0%BA%D0%B2%D1%83/

Video: http://tvc.ru/video/iframe/id/82243/isPlay/false/?acc_video_id=//news/show/id/78326


  1. Museum of augmented reality in Astana

The first interactive museum in the world with all the exhibits is made in augmented and virtual reality.

Video: https://youtu.be/h7ClTg14yx4


  1. “Maxi Development” app sales locations in shopping malls

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/maxi-development/id937698974?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.maxidevelopment.MaxiDevelopment

Markers: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4T3GLQ1tV1Ci/maxi-development/


You can also see more our projects: http://arproduction.ru/en/

Having a big experience in developing various augmented reality solutions we strongly believe you can recommend us at your site.

Thanks in advance!



How to be a Vuforia Preferred Developer

June 2, 2016 - 3:36am #4


We would  also like to become a Vuforia preferred developer. Can you PM us how to proceed ?


Artefacto Team

How to be a Vuforia Preferred Developer

April 27, 2016 - 1:39am #3

I am also interested in finding more information on becoming a Vuforia Preferred Developer. 

How to be a Vuforia Preferred Developer

February 2, 2016 - 9:11pm #2

Please see my PM.

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