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Vuforia Introduce New Studio for AR and 2D development

June 3, 2016 - 12:04pm #1


Vuforia finally introduce AR studio for developers , the easiest augmented reality creation tool. May be no more programming skills are needed for basic development. It allow us to add Add 3D models, videos , 2D images sprites and much more with interaction to create interactive content.

May be it reduce the dependency like Unity3D/Android studio etc.

As a developer I am expecting open code, possibly allow to export code and change it according to my requirements (hate restrictions like wikitude). As per I know newly introduced Vuforia studio allow us to create VR(real world) and 2D(Onscreen) projects and also provide drag and drop 3D world functionality like Unity. But the sad thing is that it is beta phase and not accessible to common user(developer) . I am pretty much excited about it , If anyone have more info like when it will be accessible or anyone know more features about studio please share!

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